Tired of paying high monthly fees and being burdened with long-term contracts just to have music at your business? SiriusXM Music for Business is the solution. Broadcasting commercial-free music channels 24-hours a day from state-of-the-art studios in the heart of New York City, SiriusXM Music for Business is available via a fleet of high-power satellites or via Internet streaming. The channels span a huge array of categories, from pop to hip-hop; from blues to classical. Whatever genre suits your business and pleases your customers, SiriusXM has it. The Internet option features 30 pure music channels not available on satellite, with no DJs or interruptions of any kind. There's never a contract to sign with either option!

You don't need costly equipment or a big ugly satellite dish to enjoy SiriusXM Music for Business - just an inexpensive receiver and a tiny antenna, or a PC or streaming radio for the Internet option. Simply plug right into your existing business sound system (amplifier and speakers). If you don't already have a sound system, we can provide one for an unbeatable price. AMTC manufactures a full line of sound products, including amplifiers, speakers, digital media players and more.

When you play the radio, you play ads for other businesses - maybe even your competitors! There are no commercials on SiriusXM Music for Business. Plus, playing the radio or CDs in your business requires that you pay royalties to ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC, the agencies that represent the music copyright owners. That's three separate bills to pay! We take care of all required royalties for you, and SiriusXM Music for Business costs less than you'd pay these agencies directly just for the royalties.

The benefits don't stop there! For just $99 more per year, we can insert messaging custom-produced for your business into your SiriusXM Music for Business. It's like having your very own radio station that only plays ads for you! Studies show that over 40% of people who hear overhead audio ads make unplanned purchases.

AMTC provides SiriusXM Music for Business through an exclusive agreement AMTC Business Music Corporation.

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